Parameters for the ColorSensorRead system call.

This structure is used when calling the ColorSensorRead system call function. Choose the sensor port (NBC Input port constants) and after calling the function read the sensor values from the ColorValue field or the raw, normalized, or scaled value arrays.

 // ColorSensorRead
 TColorSensorRead       struct
  Result          sbyte    // The function call result. NO_ERR means it succeeded.
  Port                  byte     // The sensor port.
  ColorValue            sword    // The color value returned by the sensor.
  RawArray              word[]   // Raw color values returned by the sensor.
  NormalizedArray       word[]   // Normalized color values returned by the sensor.
  ScaledArray     sword[]  // Scaled color values returned by the sensor. 
  Invalid         byte     // Are the sensor values valid?
 TColorSensorRead       ends

See NBC Input port constants for valid Port values. See Color values for valid ColorValue values. See Color sensor array indices for array index constants used to read values from the RawArray, NormalizedArray, and ScaledArray fields.

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