#define FontNumOutEx ( _x,
_options   )     __FontNumOutEx(_x,_y,_fnt,_num,_options)

Draw a number with font and drawing options.

Draw a numeric value on the screen at the specified x and y location using a custom RIC font. Also specify drawing options. Valid display option constants are listed in the Drawing option constants group. See the Font drawing option constants for options specific to the font drawing functions.

See also:
FontTextOut, TDrawFont
This function requires the enhanced NBC/NXC firmware version 1.28+.
_x The x value for the start of the number output.
_y The y value for the start of the number output.
_fnt The filename of the RIC font.
_num The value to output to the LCD screen. Any numeric type is supported.
_options The optional drawing options.

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