Loader module
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Constants and functions related to the Loader module. More...


 Loader module functions

Functions for accessing and modifying Loader module features.

 Loader module constants

Constants that are part of the NXT firmware's Loader module.

Detailed Description

Constants and functions related to the Loader module.

The NXT loader module encompasses support for the NXT file system. The NXT supports creating files, opening existing files, reading, writing, renaming, and deleting files.

Files in the NXT file system must adhere to the 15.3 naming convention for a maximum filename length of 19 characters. While multiple files can be opened simultaneously, a maximum of 4 files can be open for writing at any given time.

When accessing files on the NXT, errors can occur. The NBC API defines several constants that define possible result codes. They are listed in the Loader module error codes section.

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