NXC  Version 1.2.1 r5
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Data Structures
Here are the data structures with brief descriptions:
oCColorSensorReadTypeParameters for the ColorSensorRead system call
oCCommBTCheckStatusTypeParameters for the CommBTCheckStatus system call
oCCommBTConnectionTypeParameters for the CommBTConnection system call
oCCommBTOnOffTypeParameters for the CommBTOnOff system call
oCCommBTWriteTypeParameters for the CommBTWrite system call
oCCommExecuteFunctionTypeParameters for the CommExecuteFunction system call
oCCommHSCheckStatusTypeParameters for the CommHSCheckStatus system call
oCCommHSControlTypeParameters for the CommHSControl system call
oCCommHSReadWriteTypeParameters for the CommHSReadWrite system call
oCCommLSCheckStatusTypeParameters for the CommLSCheckStatus system call
oCCommLSReadTypeParameters for the CommLSRead system call
oCCommLSWriteExTypeParameters for the CommLSWriteEx system call
oCCommLSWriteTypeParameters for the CommLSWrite system call
oCComputeCalibValueTypeParameters for the ComputeCalibValue system call
oCDatalogGetTimesTypeParameters for the DatalogGetTimes system call
oCDatalogWriteTypeParameters for the DatalogWrite system call
oCDisplayExecuteFunctionTypeParameters for the DisplayExecuteFunction system call
oCdiv_tOutput type of the div function
oCDrawCircleTypeParameters for the DrawCircle system call
oCDrawEllipseTypeParameters for the DrawEllipse system call
oCDrawFontTypeParameters for the DrawFont system call
oCDrawGraphicArrayTypeParameters for the DrawGraphicArray system call
oCDrawGraphicTypeParameters for the DrawGraphic system call
oCDrawLineTypeParameters for the DrawLine system call
oCDrawPointTypeParameters for the DrawPoint system call
oCDrawPolygonTypeParameters for the DrawPolygon system call
oCDrawRectTypeParameters for the DrawRect system call
oCDrawTextTypeParameters for the DrawText system call
oCFileCloseTypeParameters for the FileClose system call
oCFileDeleteTypeParameters for the FileDelete system call
oCFileFindTypeParameters for the FileFind system call
oCFileOpenTypeParameters for the FileOpen system call
oCFileReadWriteTypeParameters for the FileReadWrite system call
oCFileRenameTypeParameters for the FileRename system call
oCFileResizeTypeParameters for the FileResize system call
oCFileResolveHandleTypeParameters for the FileResolveHandle system call
oCFileSeekTypeParameters for the FileSeek system call
oCFileTellTypeParameters for the FileTell system call
oCGetStartTickTypeParameters for the GetStartTick system call
oCInputPinFunctionTypeParameters for the InputPinFunction system call
oCInputValuesTypeParameters for the RemoteGetInputValues function
oCIOMapReadByIDTypeParameters for the IOMapReadByID system call
oCIOMapReadTypeParameters for the IOMapRead system call
oCIOMapWriteByIDTypeParameters for the IOMapWriteByID system call
oCIOMapWriteTypeParameters for the IOMapWrite system call
oCJoystickExMessageTypeThe JoystickExMessageType structure
oCJoystickMessageTypeThe JoystickMessageType structure
oCKeepAliveTypeParameters for the KeepAlive system call
oCldiv_tOutput type of the ldiv function
oCListFilesTypeParameters for the ListFiles system call
oCLoaderExecuteFunctionTypeParameters for the LoaderExecuteFunction system call
oCLocationTypeA point on the NXT LCD screen
oCMemoryManagerTypeParameters for the MemoryManager system call
oCMessageReadTypeParameters for the MessageRead system call
oCMessageWriteTypeParameters for the MessageWrite system call
oCOutputStateTypeParameters for the RemoteGetOutputState function
oCRandomExTypeParameters for the RandomEx system call
oCRandomNumberTypeParameters for the RandomNumber system call
oCReadButtonTypeParameters for the ReadButton system call
oCReadLastResponseTypeParameters for the ReadLastResponse system call
oCReadSemDataTypeParameters for the ReadSemData system call
oCSetScreenModeTypeParameters for the SetScreenMode system call
oCSetSleepTimeoutTypeParameters for the SetSleepTimeout system call
oCSizeTypeWidth and height dimensions for the DrawRect system call
oCSoundGetStateTypeParameters for the SoundGetState system call
oCSoundPlayFileTypeParameters for the SoundPlayFile system call
oCSoundPlayToneTypeParameters for the SoundPlayTone system call
oCSoundSetStateTypeParameters for the SoundSetState system call
oCToneType used with the PlayTones API function
oCUpdateCalibCacheInfoTypeParameters for the UpdateCalibCacheInfo system call
oCVectorTypeThis structure is used for storing three axis values in a single object
oCWriteSemDataTypeParameters for the WriteSemData system call
\CXGPacketTypeParameters for the ReadSensorMIXG1300L function