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This is an example of how to use the RS485Control, RS485DataAvailable, RS485Disable, RS485Initialize, RS485Enable, UseRS485, RS485Uart, RS485Status, RS485Read, RS485ReadEx, TextOut, and Wait functions.

// RS-485 receiver program
inline void WaitForMessageToBeSent()
task main()
byte mlen;
string buffer;
// configure the S4 port as RS485
// make sure the RS485 system is turned on
// // initialize the UART to default values
// RS485Initialize();
// configure the UART (this is equivalent to RS485Initialize)
Wait(MS_1); // make sure everything is turned on
byte ACK[] = {1};
while (true) {
// wait for a message to arrive.
// read the number of bytes message
until(RS485DataAvailable() >= 5);
// read the number of bytes
long cnt = 0;
UnflattenVar(buffer, cnt);
// send out ACK
// now wait for the real message
until(RS485DataAvailable() >= cnt);
// now read the actual message
RS485ReadEx(buffer, cnt);
// RS485Read(buffer);
// send out ACK
// display message
TextOut(0, LCD_LINE1, buffer);