NXC  Version 1.2.1 r5
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This is an example of how to use the ReadSensorMSPlayStation function.

task main()
byte btnset1, btnset2, xleft, yleft, xright, yright;
while (true)
btnset1, btnset2, xleft, yleft, xright, yright);
if (result)
NumOut( 0, LCD_LINE1, xleft);
NumOut(40, LCD_LINE1, yleft);
NumOut( 0, LCD_LINE2, xright);
NumOut(40, LCD_LINE2, yright);
// button set 1
if (!(btnset1 & PSP_BTNSET1_DOWN))
TextOut( 0, LCD_LINE3, "D");
if (!(btnset1 & PSP_BTNSET1_UP))
TextOut( 8, LCD_LINE3, "U");
if (!(btnset1 & PSP_BTNSET1_LEFT))
TextOut(16, LCD_LINE3, "L");
if (!(btnset1 & PSP_BTNSET1_RIGHT))
TextOut(24, LCD_LINE3, "R");
if (!(btnset1 & PSP_BTNSET1_L3))
TextOut(32, LCD_LINE3, "l");
if (!(btnset1 & PSP_BTNSET1_R3))
TextOut(40, LCD_LINE3, "r");
// button set 2
if (!(btnset2 & PSP_BTNSET2_SQUARE))
TextOut( 0, LCD_LINE4, "S");
if (!(btnset2 & PSP_BTNSET2_CROSS))
TextOut( 8, LCD_LINE4, "X");
if (!(btnset2 & PSP_BTNSET2_CIRCLE))
TextOut(16, LCD_LINE4, "C");
if (!(btnset2 & PSP_BTNSET2_TRIANGLE))
TextOut(24, LCD_LINE4, "T");
if (!(btnset2 & PSP_BTNSET2_R1))
TextOut(32, LCD_LINE4, "r");
if (!(btnset2 & PSP_BTNSET2_L1))
TextOut(40, LCD_LINE4, "l");
if (!(btnset2 & PSP_BTNSET2_R2))
TextOut(48, LCD_LINE4, "R");
if (!(btnset2 & PSP_BTNSET2_L2))
TextOut(56, LCD_LINE4, "L");