NXC  Version 1.2.1 r5
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This is an example of how to use the acos function.

// ex_acos.nxc
// Display values of the acos API call.
// This program runs indefinitely -- press gray button to exit.
// Reguires enhanced firmware 1.28 or later.
#define MIN_VAL -1.0
#define MID_VAL 0.0
#define MAX_VAL 1.0
#define INVALID 2.0
inline void show_acos(const float val, const int screen_y)
TextOut(0, screen_y, FormatNum("%7.4f RAD", acos(val)));
task main()
show_acos(MIN_VAL, LCD_LINE1); // shows 3.1416 RAD
show_acos(MID_VAL, LCD_LINE2); // shows 1.5708 RAD
show_acos(MAX_VAL, LCD_LINE3); // shows 0.0000 RAD
// An invalid value returns not-a-number (nan).
show_acos(INVALID, LCD_LINE4); // shows -nan RAD
while (true);