NXC  Version 1.2.1 r5
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This is an example of how to use the SysInputPinFunction function along with the InputPinFunctionType structure.

unsigned int Result; // The function call result. Possible return values are ERR_INVALID_PORT or NO_ERR.
byte Cmd; // The command to execute. See \ref InputPinFuncConstants. You can add a microsecond wait after the command by ORing INPUT_PINCMD_WAIT(usec) with the command Value. Wait times can range from 1 to 63 microseconds.
byte Port; // The input port. See \ref InPorts.
byte Pin; // The digital pin(s). See \ref InputDigiPinConstants. When setting pin direction you must OR the desired direction constant into this field. See INPUT_PINDIR_INPUT and INPUT_PINDIR_OUTPUT from the \ref InputPinFuncConstants group. You can OR together the digital pin constants to operate on both in a single call.
byte Data; // The pin value(s). This field is only used by the INPUT_PINCMD_READ command.
#define INPUT_PINCMD_DIR 0x00 // Set digital pin(s) direction
#define INPUT_PINCMD_SET 0x01 // Set digital pin(s)
#define INPUT_PINCMD_CLEAR 0x02 // Clear digital pin(s)
#define INPUT_PINCMD_READ 0x03 // Read digital pin(s)
#define INPUT_PINCMD_MASK 0x03 // Mask for the two bits used by pin function commands
#define INPUT_PINCMD_WAIT(_usec) ((_usec)<<2) // A wait value in microseconds that can be added after one of the above commands by ORing with the command
#define INPUT_PINDIR_OUTPUT 0x00 // Use with the direction command to set direction to input. OR this with the pin value.
#define INPUT_PINDIR_INPUT 0x04 // Use with the direction command to set direction to output. OR this with the pin value.
#define InputPinFunction 77
task main()
InputPinFunctionType pftSet, pftClear, pftDir;
// use these parameters to set the pin direction
pftDir.Port = S1;
// use these parameters to SET the pin
pftSet.Port = S1;
pftSet.Pin = INPUT_DIGI0;
// use these parameters to CLEAR the pin
pftClear.Port = S1;
pftClear.Pin = INPUT_DIGI0;
SysInputPinFunction(pftDir); // set the direction to output