NXC  Version 1.2.1 r5
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char RemoteIOMapRead ( byte  conn,
long  id,
int  offset,
int &  numbytes,
byte &  data[] 

Send an IOMapRead message.

Send the IOMapRead system command on the specified connection slot.

This function requires the enhanced NBC/NXC firmware version 1.28+.
connThe connection slot (0..4). Connections 0 through 3 are for bluetooth connections. Connection 4 refers to the RS485 hi-speed port. See Remote connection constants.
idThe ID of the module from which to read data.
offsetThe offset into the IOMap structure from which to read.
numbytesThe number of bytes of data to read. Returns the number of bytes actually read.
dataA byte array containing the response data.
A char value indicating whether the function call succeeded or not.