NXC  Version 1.2.1 r5
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void SetIOMapBytesByID ( unsigned long  moduleId,
unsigned int  offset,
unsigned int  count,
byte  data[] 

Set IOMap bytes by ID.

Modify one or more bytes of data in an IOMap structure. The IOMap structure is specified by its Module ID. You also provide the offset into the IOMap structure where you want to start writing, the number of bytes to write at that location, and a byte array containing the new data.

moduleIdThe module ID of the IOMap to modify. See NXT firmware module IDs.
offsetThe number of bytes offset from the start of the IOMap structure where the data should be written.
countThe number of bytes to write at the specified IOMap offset.
dataThe byte array containing the data to write to the IOMap.
This function requires the enhanced NBC/NXC firmware.