NXC  Version 1.2.1 r5
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long LowspeedCheckStatus ( const byte  port)

Check lowspeed status.

This method checks the status of the I2C communication on the specified port.

portThe port to which the I2C device is attached. See the Input port constants group. You may use a constant or a variable. Constants should be used where possible to avoid blocking access to I2C devices on other ports by code running on other threads.
A status code indicating whether the write completed successfully or not. See CommLSCheckStatusType for possible result values. If the return value is NO_ERR then the last operation did not cause any errors. Avoid calls to LowspeedRead or LowspeedWrite while LowspeedCheckStatus returns STAT_COMM_PENDING.
See Also
I2CCheckStatus, I2CRead, I2CWrite, I2CStatus, I2CBytesReady, LowspeedRead, LowspeedWrite, and LowspeedStatus