NXC  Version 1.2.1 r5
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bool ResetMIXG1300L ( byte  port)

ResetMIXG1300L function.

Reset the Microinfinity CruizCore XG1300L device.

During reset, the XG1300L will recomputed the bias drift value, therefore it must remain stationary. The bias drift value will change randomly over time due to temperature variations, however the internal algorithm in the XG1300L will compensate for these changes. We strongly recommend issuing a reset command to the XG1300L at the beginning of the program.

The reset function also resets the accumulate angle value to a zero. Since the accelerometers measurements are taken with respect to the sensor reference frame the reset function will have no effect in the accelerometer measurements.

Returns a boolean value indicating whether or not the operation completed successfully. The port must be configured as a Lowspeed port before using this function.

portThe sensor port. See the Input port constants group.
The boolean function call result.