NXC  Version 1.2.1 r5
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char SetNXTLineLeaderKpValue ( const byte &  port,
const byte &  i2caddr,
const byte &  value 

Write NXTLineLeader Kp value.

Write a Kp value to the NXTLineLeader device. This value divided by PID Factor for Kp is the Proportional value for the PID control. Suggested value is 25 with a divisor factor of 32 (which is also a factory default), start with this value, and tune it to meet your needs. Value ranges between 0 and 255. The port must be configured as a Lowspeed port before using this function.

portThe sensor port. See NBC Input port constants.
i2caddrThe sensor I2C address. See sensor documentation for this value.
valueThe new Kp value (0..255).
A status code indicating whether the operation completed successfully or not. See CommLSCheckStatusType for possible Result values.