NXC  Version 1.2.1 r5
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#define RegModeField   8

Regulation mode field.

Contains one of the regulation mode constants. Read/write. This field specifies the regulation mode to use with the specified port(s). It is ignored if the OUT_MODE_REGULATED bit is not set in the OutputModeField field. Unlike OutputModeField, RegModeField is not a bitfield. Only one regulation mode value can be set at a time. Speed regulation means that the firmware tries to maintain a certain speed based on the PowerField setting. The firmware adjusts the PWM duty cycle if the motor is affected by a physical load. This adjustment is reflected by the value of the ActualSpeedField property. When using speed regulation, do not set PowerField to its maximum value since the firmware cannot adjust to higher power levels in that situation. Synchronization means the firmware tries to keep two motors in sync regardless of physical loads. Use this mode to maintain a straight path for a mobile robot automatically. Also use this mode with the TurnRatioField property to provide proportional turning. Set OUT_REGMODE_SYNC on at least two motor ports in order for synchronization to function. Setting OUT_REGMODE_SYNC on all three motor ports will result in only the first two (OUT_A and OUT_B) being synchronized.