NXC  Version 1.2.1 r5
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Output module

Constants and functions related to the Output module. More...


 Output module constants
 Constants that are part of the NXT firmware's Output module.
 Output module functions
 Functions for accessing and modifying output module features.
 Output module types
 Types used by various output module functions.

Detailed Description

Constants and functions related to the Output module.

The NXT output module encompasses all the motor outputs.

Nearly all of the NXC API functions dealing with outputs take either a single output or a set of outputs as their first argument. Depending on the function call, the output or set of outputs may be a constant or a variable containing an appropriate output port value. The constants OUT_A, OUT_B, and OUT_C are used to identify the three outputs. Unlike NQC, adding individual outputs together does not combine multiple outputs. Instead, the NXC API provides predefined combinations of outputs: OUT_AB, OUT_AC, OUT_BC, and OUT_ABC. Manually combining outputs involves creating an array and adding two or more of the three individual output constants to the array.

Output power levels can range 0 (lowest) to 100 (highest). Negative power levels reverse the direction of rotation (i.e., forward at a power level of -100 actually means reverse at a power level of 100).

The outputs each have several fields that define the current state of the output port. These fields are defined in the Output field constants section.