NXC  Version 1.2.1 r5
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Ui module functions

Functions for accessing and modifying Ui module features. More...


byte CommandFlags (void)
 Get command flags.
byte UIState (void)
 Get UI module state.
byte UIButton (void)
 Read UI button.
byte VMRunState (void)
 Read VM run state.
byte BatteryState (void)
 Get battery state.
byte BluetoothState (void)
 Get bluetooth state.
byte UsbState (void)
 Get UI module USB state.
byte SleepTimeout (void)
 Read sleep timeout.
byte SleepTime (void)
 Read sleep time.
byte SleepTimer (void)
 Read sleep timer.
bool RechargeableBattery (void)
 Read battery type.
byte Volume (void)
 Read volume.
byte OnBrickProgramPointer (void)
 Read the on brick program pointer value.
byte AbortFlag (void)
 Read abort flag.
byte LongAbort (void)
 Read long abort setting.
unsigned int BatteryLevel (void)
 Get battery Level.
void SetCommandFlags (const byte cmdFlags)
 Set command flags.
void SetUIButton (byte btn)
 Set UI button.
void SetUIState (byte state)
 Set UI state.
void SetVMRunState (const byte vmRunState)
 Set VM run state.
void SetBatteryState (byte state)
 Set battery state.
void SetBluetoothState (byte state)
 Set bluetooth state.
void SetSleepTimeout (const byte n)
 Set sleep timeout.
void SetSleepTime (const byte n)
 Set sleep time.
void SetSleepTimer (const byte n)
 Set the sleep timer.
void SetVolume (byte volume)
 Set volume.
void SetOnBrickProgramPointer (byte obpStep)
 Set on-brick program pointer.
void ForceOff (byte num)
 Turn off NXT.
void SetAbortFlag (byte abortFlag)
 Set abort flag.
void SetLongAbort (bool longAbort)
 Set long abort.
void SysSetSleepTimeout (SetSleepTimeoutType &args)
 Set system sleep timeout.

Detailed Description

Functions for accessing and modifying Ui module features.