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DisplayExecuteFunctionType Struct Reference

Parameters for the DisplayExecuteFunction system call. More...

#include <NXCDefs.h>

Data Fields

byte Status
byte Cmd
bool On
byte X1
byte Y1
byte X2
byte Y2

Detailed Description

Parameters for the DisplayExecuteFunction system call.

This structure is used when calling the SysDisplayExecuteFunction system call function.

The fields usage depends on the requested command and are documented in the table below. If a field member is shown as 'x' it is ignored by the specified display command.

Cmd MeaningExpected parameters
DISPLAY_ERASE_ALL erase entire screen()
DISPLAY_PIXEL set pixel (on/off)(true/false,X1,Y1,x,x)
DISPLAY_HORIZONTAL_LINE draw horizontal line(true/false,X1,Y1,X2,x)
DISPLAY_VERTICAL_LINE draw vertical line(true/false,X1,Y1,x,Y2)
DISPLAY_CHAR draw char (actual font)(true/false,X1,Y1,Char,x)
DISPLAY_ERASE_LINE erase a single line(x,LINE,x,x,x)
DISPLAY_FILL_REGION fill screen region(true/false,X1,Y1,X2,Y2)
DISPLAY_FILLED_FRAME draw a frame (on / off)(true/false,X1,Y1,X2,Y2)
See Also
ex_dispfunc.nxc, and ex_sysdisplayexecutefunction.nxc.

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