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LoaderExecuteFunctionType Struct Reference

Parameters for the LoaderExecuteFunction system call. More...

#include <NXCDefs.h>

Data Fields

unsigned int Result
byte Cmd
string Filename
byte Buffer []
unsigned long Length

Detailed Description

Parameters for the LoaderExecuteFunction system call.

This structure is used when calling the SysLoaderExecuteFunction system call function.

The fields usage depends on the requested command and are documented in the table below.

Cmd MeaningExpected Parameters
LDR_CMD_OPENREAD Open a file for reading(Filename, Length)
LDR_CMD_OPENWRITE Create a file(Filename, Length)
LDR_CMD_READ Read from a file(Filename, Buffer, Length)
LDR_CMD_WRITE Write to a file(Filename, Buffer, Length)
LDR_CMD_CLOSE Close a file(Filename)
LDR_CMD_DELETE Delete a file(Filename)
LDR_CMD_FINDFIRST Start iterating files(Filename, Buffer, Length)
LDR_CMD_FINDNEXT Continue iterating files(Filename, Buffer, Length)
LDR_CMD_OPENWRITELINEAR Create a linear file(Filename, Length)
LDR_CMD_OPENREADLINEAR Read a linear file(Filename, Buffer, Length)
LDR_CMD_OPENAPPENDDATA Open a file for writing(Filename, Length)
LDR_CMD_FINDFIRSTMODULE Start iterating modules(Filename, Buffer)
LDR_CMD_FINDNEXTMODULE Continue iterating modules(Buffer)
LDR_CMD_CLOSEMODHANDLE Close module handle()
LDR_CMD_IOMAPREAD Read IOMap data(Filename, Buffer, Length)
LDR_CMD_IOMAPWRITE Write IOMap data(Filename, Buffer, Length)
LDR_CMD_RENAMEFILE Rename file(Filename, Buffer, Length)
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