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This is an example of how to use the ctype API functions: isupper, islower, isalpha, isdigit, isalnum, isspace, iscntrl, isprint, isgraph, ispunct, isxdigit, toupper, and tolower.

task main()
printf("%d\n", isalnum('a'));
printf("%d\n", isalpha('1'));
printf("%d\n", iscntrl('g'));
printf("%d\n", isdigit('2'));
printf("%d\n", isgraph('%'));
printf("%d\n", islower('G'));
printf("%d\n", isprint('('));
printf("%d\n", ispunct('a'));
printf("%d\n", isspace('1'));
printf("%d\n", isupper('g'));
printf("%d\n", isxdigit('2'));
printf("%d\n", tolower('.'));
printf("%d\n", toupper('f'));