SuperPro Information

Visit the MINDBoards forums for information and discussions about Bricx Command Center and all generations of LEGO MINDSTORMS.

Download the latest version or a recent test release of BricxCC with full support for the HiTechnic SuperPro board.

Check out SuperPro C! SuperPro C (SPC) is a high-level C-like programming language for the SuperPro prototyping board which is built on top of SuperPro assembler. If you get the latest test release of NBC then you can also program the SuperPro using SPC. Version of BricxCC or greater is required if you want to program the SuperPro board using SPC. You can also find help for the SPC API functions and constants on the NBC page. A compiled HTML help file is also available from the SPC Docs page. There are viewers available for the compiled help format for linux and Mac OS X, such as chmox and iChm.