NXC  Version 1.2.1 r5
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char HTPFTrain ( const byte  port,
const byte  channel,
const byte  func 

HTPFTrain function.

Control both outputs on a Power Function receiver set to the specified channel using the HiTechnic iRLink device as if it were an IR Train receiver. Valid function values are TRAIN_FUNC_STOP, TRAIN_FUNC_INCR_SPEED, TRAIN_FUNC_DECR_SPEED, and TRAIN_FUNC_TOGGLE_LIGHT. Valid channels are PF_CHANNEL_1 through PF_CHANNEL_4. The port must be configured as a Lowspeed port before using this function.

portThe sensor port. See Input port constants.
channelThe Power Function channel. See Power Function channel constants.
funcThe Power Function train function. See PF/IR Train function constants.
The function call result. NO_ERR or Communications specific errors.