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CommExecuteFunctionType Struct Reference

Parameters for the CommExecuteFunction system call. More...

#include <NXCDefs.h>

Data Fields

unsigned int Result
byte Cmd
byte Param1
byte Param2
byte Param3
string Name
unsigned int RetVal

Detailed Description

Parameters for the CommExecuteFunction system call.

This structure is used when calling the SysCommExecuteFunction system call function.

The fields usage depends on the requested command and are documented in the table below. If a field member is shown as 'x' it is ignored by the specified command.

Cmd Meaning(Param1,Param2,Param3,Name)
INTF_SENDFILE Send a file over a Bluetooth connection(Connection,x,x,Filename)
INTF_SEARCH Search for Bluetooth devices(x,x,x,x)
INTF_STOPSEARCH Stop searching for Bluetooth devices(x,x,x,x)
INTF_CONNECT Connect to a Bluetooth device(DeviceIndex,Connection,x,x)
INTF_DISCONNECT Disconnect a Bluetooth device(Connection,x,x,x)
INTF_DISCONNECTALL Disconnect all Bluetooth devices(x,x,x,x)
INTF_REMOVEDEVICE Remove device from My Contacts(DeviceIndex,x,x,x)
INTF_VISIBILITY Set Bluetooth visibility(true/false,x,x,x)
INTF_SETCMDMODE Set command mode(x,x,x,x)
INTF_OPENSTREAM Open a stream(x,Connection,x,x)
INTF_SENDDATA Send data(Length, Connection, WaitForIt, Buffer)
INTF_FACTORYRESET Bluetooth factory reset(x,x,x,x)
INTF_BTON Turn Bluetooth on(x,x,x,x)
INTF_BTOFF Turn Bluetooth off(x,x,x,x)
INTF_SETBTNAME Set Bluetooth name(x,x,x,x)
INTF_EXTREAD Handle external? read(x,x,x,x)
INTF_PINREQ Handle Blueooth PIN request(x,x,x,x)
INTF_CONNECTREQ Handle Bluetooth connect request(x,x,x,x)
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