NXC  Version 1.2.1 r5
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char RemoteSetOutputState ( byte  conn,
byte  port,
char  speed,
byte  mode,
byte  regmode,
char  turnpct,
byte  runstate,
unsigned long  tacholimit 

Send a SetOutputMode message.

Send the SetOutputMode direct command on the specified connection slot. Use RemoteConnectionIdle to determine when this write request is completed.

connThe connection slot (0..4). Connections 0 through 3 are for bluetooth connections. Connection 4 refers to the RS485 hi-speed port. See Remote connection constants.
portThe output port to configure. See Output port constants.
speedThe motor speed. (-100..100)
modeThe motor mode. See Output port mode constants.
regmodeThe motor regulation mode. See Output port regulation mode constants.
turnpctThe motor synchronized turn percentage. (-100..100)
runstateThe motor run state. See Output port run state constants.
tacholimitThe motor tachometer limit.
A char value indicating whether the function call succeeded or not.