NXC  Version 1.2.1 r5
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Direct Command functions

Functions for sending direct commands to another NXT. More...


char RemoteKeepAlive (byte conn)
 Send a KeepAlive message.
char RemoteMessageRead (byte conn, byte queue)
 Send a MessageRead message.
char RemoteMessageWrite (byte conn, byte queue, string msg)
 Send a MessageWrite message.
char RemotePlaySoundFile (byte conn, string filename, bool bloop)
 Send a PlaySoundFile message.
char RemotePlayTone (byte conn, unsigned int frequency, unsigned int duration)
 Send a PlayTone message.
char RemoteResetMotorPosition (byte conn, byte port, bool brelative)
 Send a ResetMotorPosition message.
char RemoteResetScaledValue (byte conn, byte port)
 Send a ResetScaledValue message.
char RemoteSetInputMode (byte conn, byte port, byte type, byte mode)
 Send a SetInputMode message.
char RemoteSetOutputState (byte conn, byte port, char speed, byte mode, byte regmode, char turnpct, byte runstate, unsigned long tacholimit)
 Send a SetOutputMode message.
char RemoteStartProgram (byte conn, string filename)
 Send a StartProgram message.
char RemoteStopProgram (byte conn)
 Send a StopProgram message.
char RemoteStopSound (byte conn)
 Send a StopSound message.
char RemoteGetOutputState (byte conn, OutputStateType &params)
 Send a GetOutputState message.
char RemoteGetInputValues (byte conn, InputValuesType &params)
 Send a GetInputValues message.
char RemoteGetBatteryLevel (byte conn, int &value)
 Send a GetBatteryLevel message.
char RemoteLowspeedGetStatus (byte conn, byte &value)
 Send a LowspeedGetStatus message.
char RemoteLowspeedRead (byte conn, byte port, byte &bread, byte &data[])
 Send a LowspeedRead message.
char RemoteGetCurrentProgramName (byte conn, string &name)
 Send a GetCurrentProgramName message.
char RemoteDatalogRead (byte conn, bool remove, byte &cnt, byte &log[])
 Send a DatalogRead message.
char RemoteGetContactCount (byte conn, byte &cnt)
 Send a GetContactCount message.
char RemoteGetContactName (byte conn, byte idx, string &name)
 Send a GetContactName message.
char RemoteGetConnectionCount (byte conn, byte &cnt)
 Send a GetConnectionCount message.
char RemoteGetConnectionName (byte conn, byte idx, string &name)
 Send a GetConnectionName message.
char RemoteGetProperty (byte conn, byte property, variant &value)
 Send a GetProperty message.
char RemoteResetTachoCount (byte conn, byte port)
 Send a ResetTachoCount message.
char RemoteDatalogSetTimes (byte conn, long synctime)
 Send a DatalogSetTimes message.
char RemoteSetProperty (byte conn, byte prop, variant value)
 Send a SetProperty message.
char RemoteLowspeedWrite (byte conn, byte port, byte txlen, byte rxlen, byte data[])
 Send a LowspeedWrite message.

Detailed Description

Functions for sending direct commands to another NXT.