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Dexter Industries API Functions

Functions for accessing and modifying Dexter Industries devices. More...


 Dexter Industries device constants
 Constants that are for use with Dexter Industries devices.


bool SensorDIGPSStatus (byte port)
 SensorDIGPSStatus function.
long SensorDIGPSTime (byte port)
 SensorDIGPSTime function.
long SensorDIGPSLatitude (byte port)
 SensorDIGPSLatitude function.
long SensorDIGPSLongitude (byte port)
 SensorDIGPSLongitude function.
long SensorDIGPSVelocity (byte port)
 SensorDIGPSVelocity function.
int SensorDIGPSHeading (byte port)
 SensorDIGPSHeading function.
long SensorDIGPSDistanceToWaypoint (byte port)
 SensorDIGPSDistanceToWaypoint function.
int SensorDIGPSHeadingToWaypoint (byte port)
 SensorDIGPSHeadingToWaypoint function.
int SensorDIGPSRelativeHeading (byte port)
 SensorDIGPSRelativeHeading function.
bool SetSensorDIGPSWaypoint (byte port, long latitude, long longitude)
 SetSensorDIGPSWaypoint function.
bool SetSensorDIGyroEx (const byte port, byte scale, byte odr, byte bw)
 SetSensorDIGyroEx function.
bool SetSensorDIGyro (const byte port)
 SetSensorDIGyro function.
bool ReadSensorDIGyroRaw (const byte port, VectorType &vector)
 ReadSensorDIGyroRaw function.
bool ReadSensorDIGyro (const byte port, VectorType &vector)
 ReadSensorDIGyro function.
int SensorDIGyroTemperature (const byte port)
 SensorDIGyroTemperature function.
byte SensorDIGyroStatus (const byte port)
 SensorDIGyroStatus function.
bool SetSensorDIAcclEx (const byte port, byte mode)
 SetSensorDIAcclEx function.
bool SetSensorDIAccl (const byte port)
 SetSensorDIAccl function.
bool ReadSensorDIAcclRaw (const byte port, VectorType &vector)
 ReadSensorDIAcclRaw function.
bool ReadSensorDIAccl (const byte port, VectorType &vector)
 ReadSensorDIAccl function.
bool ReadSensorDIAccl8Raw (const byte port, VectorType &vector)
 ReadSensorDIAccl8Raw function.
bool ReadSensorDIAccl8 (const byte port, VectorType &vector)
 ReadSensorDIAccl8 function.
byte SensorDIAcclStatus (const byte port)
 SensorDIAcclStatus function.
bool ReadSensorDIAcclDrift (const byte port, int &x, int &y, int &z)
 ReadSensorDIAcclDrift function.
bool SetSensorDIAcclDrift (const byte port, int x, int y, int z)
 SetSensorDIAcclDrift function.

Detailed Description

Functions for accessing and modifying Dexter Industries devices.