NXC  Version 1.2.1 r5
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Display module

Constants and functions related to the Display module. More...


 Display module constants
 Constants that are part of the NXT firmware's Display module.
 Display module functions
 Functions for accessing and modifying display module features.
 Display module types
 Types used by various display module functions.

Detailed Description

Constants and functions related to the Display module.

The NXT display module encompasses support for drawing to the NXT LCD. The NXT supports drawing points, lines, rectangles, and circles on the LCD. It supports drawing graphic icon files on the screen as well as text and numbers. With the enhanced NBC/NXC firmware you can also draw ellipses and polygons as well as text and numbers using custom RIC-based font files. Also, all of the drawing operations have several drawing options for how the shapes are drawn to the LCD.

The LCD screen has its origin (0, 0) at the bottom left-hand corner of the screen with the positive Y-axis extending upward and the positive X-axis extending toward the right. The NXC API provides constants for use in the NumOut and TextOut functions which make it possible to specify LCD line numbers between 1 and 8 with line 1 being at the top of the screen and line 8 being at the bottom of the screen. These constants (LCD_LINE1, LCD_LINE2, LCD_LINE3, LCD_LINE4, LCD_LINE5, LCD_LINE6, LCD_LINE7, LCD_LINE8) should be used as the Y coordinate in NumOut and TextOut calls. Values of Y other than these constants will be adjusted so that text and numbers are on one of 8 fixed line positions.