NXC  Version 1.2.1 r5
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Sound module functions

Functions for accessing and modifying sound module features. More...


char PlayFile (string filename)
 Play a file.
char PlayFileEx (string filename, byte volume, bool loop, unsigned int sr=0)
 Play a file with extra options.
char PlayTone (unsigned int frequency, unsigned int duration)
 Play a tone.
char PlayToneEx (unsigned int frequency, unsigned int duration, byte volume, bool loop)
 Play a tone with extra options.
byte SoundState ()
 Get sound module state.
byte SoundFlags ()
 Get sound module flags.
byte StopSound ()
 Stop sound.
unsigned int SoundFrequency ()
 Get sound frequency.
unsigned int SoundDuration ()
 Get sound duration.
unsigned int SoundSampleRate ()
 Get sample rate.
byte SoundMode ()
 Get sound mode.
byte SoundVolume ()
 Get volume.
void SetSoundDuration (unsigned int duration)
 Set sound duration.
void SetSoundFlags (byte flags)
 Set sound module flags.
void SetSoundFrequency (unsigned int frequency)
 Set sound frequency.
void SetSoundMode (byte mode)
 Set sound mode.
void SetSoundModuleState (byte state)
 Set sound module state.
void SetSoundSampleRate (unsigned int sampleRate)
 Set sample rate.
void SetSoundVolume (byte volume)
 Set sound volume.
void SysSoundPlayFile (SoundPlayFileType &args)
 Play sound file.
void SysSoundPlayTone (SoundPlayToneType &args)
 Play tone.
void SysSoundGetState (SoundGetStateType &args)
 Get sound state.
void SysSoundSetState (SoundSetStateType &args)
 Set sound state.
void PlaySound (const int &aCode)
 Play a system sound.
void PlayTones (Tone tones[])
 Play multiple tones.

Detailed Description

Functions for accessing and modifying sound module features.