NXC  Version 1.2.1 r5
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This is an example of how to use the JoystickExMessageRead function along with the JoystickExMessageType structure.

struct JoystickExMessageType {
unsigned long Xpos; // The x position
unsigned long Ypos; // The y position
unsigned long Zpos; // The z position
unsigned long Rpos; // The rudder/4th axis position
unsigned long Upos; // The 5th axis position
unsigned long Vpos; // The 6th axis position
unsigned long Buttons; // The button states
unsigned long ButtonNumber; // The current button number pressed
unsigned long POV; // The point of view state
task main()
while (true)
char result = JoystickExMessageRead(MAILBOX1, jemt);
if (result == NO_ERR)
NumOut( 0, LCD_LINE1, jemt.Xpos);
NumOut(35, LCD_LINE1, jemt.Ypos);
NumOut(70, LCD_LINE1, jemt.Zpos);
NumOut( 0, LCD_LINE2, jemt.Rpos);
NumOut(35, LCD_LINE2, jemt.Upos);
NumOut(70, LCD_LINE2, jemt.Vpos);
NumOut( 0, LCD_LINE3, jemt.Buttons);
NumOut( 0, LCD_LINE5, jemt.POV);
NumOut(0, LCD_LINE8, result);