NXC  Version 1.2.1 r5
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#define TurnRatioField   7

Turn ratio field.

Contains the current turn ratio. Only applicable when synchronizing multiple motors. Read/write. Use this field to specify a proportional turning ratio. This field must be used in conjunction with other field values: OutputModeField must include OUT_MODE_MOTORON and OUT_MODE_REGULATED, RegModeField must be set to OUT_REGMODE_SYNC, RunStateField must not be OUT_RUNSTATE_IDLE, and PowerField must be non-zero. There are only three valid combinations of left and right motors for use with TurnRatioField: OUT_AB, OUT_BC, and OUT_AC. In each of these three options the first motor listed is considered to be the left motor and the second motor is the right motor, regardless of the physical configuration of the robot. Negative turn ratio values shift power toward the left motor while positive values shift power toward the right motor. An absolute value of 50 usually results in one motor stopping. An absolute value of 100 usually results in two motors turning in opposite directions at equal power.